The Green Addendum: Make Certain Your Appraisal Values High-Performing Features

Builders, contractors, homeowners and third-party verifiers are encouraged to complete the Residential Green and Energy-Efficient Addendum and present to appraisers, agents, lenders and homeowners. Appraisers typically do not have sufficient information to complete this addendum without builder, contractor or third-party verifier documentation.

The Residential Green and Energy-Efficient Addendum

This Energy-Efficient Addendum helps standardize the communication of the high-performing features of residential properties. Identifying the features not found on the appraisal form provides a basis for comparable selection and analysis of the features. Here's what you need to do:

  • Attach this completed document to the MLS listing to provide sufficient detail on sales and listings to assist buyers, appraisers and real estate agents in understanding the high performance features of the property.
  • Complete the pages that apply to the property appraisal and provide to appraiser prior to the completion of an appraisal.
  • Provide the Addendum to the lender at the time of loan application to assist them in understanding the property type so an appraiser with sufficient knowledge of this property type will be engaged to provide an appraisal to meet secondary mortgage market guidelines.

Click here to access the Green Addendum form.

Click here to find additional resources from the Appraisal Institute for the valuation of green properties.

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