Premier SIPS named #1 Structural Brand by Green Builder!

PSIPS Projects Take Top Honors: 2022 National Building Excellence Award Winners

Showcasing Structural Insulated Panel projects throughout North America, the Building Excellence Awards review notable SIPs projects built the previous year. Winners embody high design, performance and energy savings to make a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions and consumption in the built environment.

In all, Premier SIPS & our sister company Big Sky R-Shield SIPs won 13 of the 26 award winners, continuing to demonstrate that our SIPs are stronger, straighter and greener than traditional construction methods. Premier and R-Control are extremely proud that so many designers, contractors and building owners look to their SIPs products to create sustainable structures. For more detailed information, construction and design details or photos of any of these award winning projects please reach out to the Rep nearest you.

Commercial Over 10K S/F Winner/Best In Show Overall Non-Residential Winner:

American Indian Hall at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT


Our sister company, Big Sky R-Control SIPs were used in this exceptionally sustainable structure. SIPs building envelope paired with an impressive solar array to create an extremely energy efficient structure with both lower energy consumption and lower long term operating costs. The SIPs feather on the roof, gives a nod to the Native American Culture this new structure honors, and is particularly impressive thanks to the design team at Think One Architects.

Classic Multifamily Winner:

Patterson Apartments Grand Junction, COPatterson-Apts-3-768x426

Big Sky R-Control SIPS were the choice for this build because they shorted construction process and enabled the Contractor/Developer to close in the building envelope approximately three times faster than with traditional construction.



Residential Over 3K S/F Classic Winner:

Private Residence Los Gatos, CA

With multiple levels this private custom home was designed to take advantage of the sloped stunning hillside. Premier SIPS walls meet sloped modern roof lines to create a visual masterpiece cascading through the landscape. With large panels, pre-fabricated in a factory controlled setting, Premier SIPs were the best option for fast building envelope installation as the foundation for this modern wood and concrete beauty.


High Performance Multifamily Winner and Best Overall High Performance Winner:

Coopers Hawk II Sonora, CA

In the second phase of this community, Premier SIPS provide superior insulation and air-sealing, while eliminating the need to vent the attic. These exceptionally energy efficient homes are beyond net-zero energy, as they not only conserve and produce enough energy to operate entirely off grid, they also produce enough energy (from the solar panels on the roofs) to power each home’s electric car and homes in the nearby community.


Residential Under 3K S/F High Performance Winner:

East 18th Street Passive House British Columbia, Canada

This custom residential project achieved Passive House Canada Certification and worked with West Eco Canada to design and build with Premier SIPs for energy efficiency, structural strength, fast installation (in a high traffic city lot), and to help facilitate a healthy indoor environment.


Residential Under 900 S/F Winner:

Private Mountain Hideaway, Washington State

Motivated by the energy efficiency of the Premier SIPS, this build supported the owners desire for a small space with an open floor plan. Premier’s structural panels offer extreme strength and load spans, enabling projects like this to have large interiors, without truss systems or other load bearing components cutting up the interior spaces.


Zero Energy Winner:

Lopez County Land Trust Lopez Is., WA

These zero-energy tiny homes were designed to reduce overall operating costs, constructed of high quality sustainable materials that are long lasting and low maintenance. The community is focused on living sustainably and affordably with appreciation for preserving and honoring the environment around it. Each tiny home is powered entirely by community renewable energy sources. Premier SIPS were constructed with engineered accuracy in an offsite manufacturing facility creating minimal waste. Finished panels were transported to the site for fast and easy installation. Panels arrive with window and door openings already cut out and the large roof and wall sections assemble quickly so each small structure is abled to be dried in/installed in one day.


Zero Energy Runner-Up:

Basalt, CO

Basalt Vista is a net zero, affordable housing community sponsored by Habitat for Humanity. SIP construction not only reduced the overall cost and time of construction, the SIPS building envelope provided the basis for each home to operate with extreme energy efficiency, as well as creating a healthy and comfortable interior for families to create homes within.


Residential Under 900 S/F Runner Up:

Cheney Creek Milner, CO

A test project, these small homes were designed to be workforce housing for rent or sale. The use of SIPs to create the roof and walls of the building envelope, demonstrated how to build affordable housing responsibly, quickly while the developer/owner was able to create a long-term strong business model.


Homes Over 3K S/F Classic Runner Up:

Private Residence Gig Harbor, WA

Big benefits, and a quick return on investment is why this owner selected Premier SIPS. This custom home created an extremely healthy, comfortable interior structure while saving the homeowners 60% on regular heating and cooling costs. The Premier SIPS roof and walls were installed in just a few days, rather than weeks, enabling the home to be dried in and finish work started much faster than originally scheduled.


Residential Over 3K S/F High Performance Runner-Up:

Private Residence Bellevue, WA

Net-Positive Energy Experts at TC Legend Homes, regularly designs and builds with Premier SIPs so their client’s homes operate so efficiently they create enough energy to operate the home, owners electric cars, and still give back renewable energy created at the home site to the grid for others to use. Net Positive construction like this provide a road map for responsible new construction practices and allow homeowner’s to contribute towards building a better future.


Residential Under 3K S/F High Performance Runner-Up:

Positive Energy SIP House/Barn Bellingham, WA

Built in mid-winter in the Pacific Northwest’s most Northern region, Premier SIPS enabled the building envelope (roof and walls) to be installed in days in harsh winter weather. The quick install created a fast conditioned space for the builder to finish interior elements without concern of the weather. This finished project also incorporates its own renewable energy sources, paired with an extremely energy efficient building envelope, the homeowners power their home and barn entirely with energy generated by their land.


Renovations Runner Up:

Woodworking Shop Winthrop, WA

“If anyone had questions about the SIP’s, and wanted to see them, I would be glad to show them and tell them how much we love the SIP’s.”  The owner of this woodworkers paradise, chose Premier SIPS for his addition of a personal shop next to his primary residence. In a snow prone area of the mountain regions of Washington, the shop stays comfortable all year (ideal for finishing wood work surfaces) and operates more efficiently than most other structures in the area.



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