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Design Innovation with Premier SIPS

Design is only as good as the products you have to work with. Premier’s structural insulated panels are not only the best available on the market, but Architects and Engineers rave about this versatile design product that builders and homeowners love. Once design professionals get a sense of the versatility that designing and specifying Premier SIPS offers, they turn to SIPs time and time again for the freedom it offers their creative process.

Architects can incorporate SIPs into virtually any building design up to four stories tall and despite being a prefabricated component, SIPs are adaptable to a wide range of architectural styles and perform well in a variety of climates. 

To make sure you can take full advantage of the versatility that SIPs offer, our experienced drafters and project engineers are available to assist you throughout the design and specifying process.


Why Architects & Engineers Choose Premier SIPS

Top reasons why design professionals are turning to Premier SIPS for roof, wall, and floor framing needs:


Incredible “Green” Features

Home and building owners regularly save up to 60% on utility bills. The R-Values of all panels are unsurpassed when compared with traditional stick frame lumber construction. The core materials used to manufacture SIPs are renewable and recyclable. Jobsite waste for SIPs construction is reduced by an average of 30%.

Lasting Strength

SIPs are able to bear incredible loads. Ideal for heavy snow loads in cold climates such as Alaska, or for withstanding nature’s forces (storms, winds, hurricanes and more) Premier SIPS truly are a stronger, structural framing option. The IRC and ICC agrees with Premier’s SIPs technology and has adapted the product category into the national residential and commercial code guidelines.

Better Design

Architects and engineers love designing the building envelope with Premier SIPS. Archways and curves are second nature in the design of Premier SIPS. Our routers can cut our panels and openings in our panels into any shape you can dream up. Panels are delivered to the job site pre-cut per your drawings, allowing jobsite installers to cut days off installation.

Straighter Walls

With expanses ranging up to 24 feet in one panel, it's no wonder that buildings achieve straighter walls without bows and curves. Homeowners love straight walls to showcase artwork and stage intricate lighting designs. Builders love straight walls because they make flooring, millwork, cabinet, door, and window installation much easier, reducing the need for shimming floors and trimming millwork to fit bowed walls.

Fire & Insect Resistance

The foam in Premier SIPS includes a treatment that makes the foam resistant to carpenter ants and termites, exceeding all North American standards for residential construction. In addition, we have completed exhaustive testing for multifamily and commercial structures requiring one-hour fire-resistant assemblies, where Premier SIPS performs very well. When covered with an appropriate thermal barrier, such as gypsum board, SIPs meet all national fire safety standards for any Type V structure.

The Ultimate Code Reports

We believe in the advantages the SIPs technology offers the construction industry, so we spent years in product development and research to create the best code reports in the industry.

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Sustainability of SIPs Framing Systems

As builders and designers are looking to build structures with greater energy efficiency, Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPs) offer a turn-key sustainable solution. SIPs are one of the most airtight and well-insulated building systems available, making them an inherently green product.

Utilizing SIPs in construction results in:

  • Healthy indoor environments (IAQ – Indoor Air Quality)
  • Smaller HVAC systems
  • Standards for Energy Star and DOE Zero Energy Ready, and LEED Certifications
  • Tax credits and Energy Efficient Loans for building and home owners
  • Lower heating and cooling bills (regularly 60% less)
  • Reduced carbon emissions and additional pollution

Premier SIPS Projects Recognized by:

Professional Builder Design Awards
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Dwell on Design Awards
Builder Mag- Builders Choice Design Awards
Housing Innovation Award winner 2020
AIA Top Green Buildings
HAVAN Canada for Housing Excellence
ProBuilder Media NHQA

Partner with Premier SIPS Experts

Dedicated SIPS Project Manager

We believe it is our job to be your best framing design resource. When you work with us you will have one Project Manager (point-of-contact) to help answer all your design questions. Our Project Managers work regularly with our in-house drafting and engineering divisions so they can help you find the support and technical information that you require to complete your design projects efficiently. We are also available to help convert your older designs into Premier SIPS plans.

In-House Technical Center

Our Technical Division provides the critical information you need to design structures with Premier SIP systems and products. Engineers and design professionals with 50+ years of combined experience are on hand to help answer any challenging technical design questions you have. Anything that your Project Manager requires additional support on comes from professionals with decades of international experience working with the SIP product.

Design-Specific SIPs Resources

Our team of SIPs experts has created technical design resources for everything you need to know about conceptualizing and creating a SIPs structure: design guides, product data sheets, technical bulletins, code reports, and more. It’s our way of providing you with the tools to create innovative buildings with peace of mind knowing that you are providing your customers with a true high-performance structure. 


Explore the SIPs Portfolio

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