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Explore the many ways Premier’s prefabricated SIP systems are a superior choice over site framed lumber structures.


Why Choose Premier SIPS?

When it comes to performance, through the entire lifecycle of a building, Premier SIPS are the smartest framing system choice in every way. Architects, Engineers, and Contractors who have a passion for their craft, and want to leave a legacy through the buildings they create choose Structural Insulated Panels over stick-framed structures. Start here to learn why:


Projects install faster when Premier SIPS are delivered to the jobsite pre-cut and ready for assembly. Factory fabrication saves time in the field, and delivers precision engineered panels that can save days of sub-work throughout the construction timeline. Without bowed lumber, straight and plumb surfaces enable faster installation of cabinets, doors, windows, millwork, tile, and floor surfaces. When you eliminate the imperfections of site framed lumber everything just comes together faster.


Stronger than other wood site framed buildings, the strength of Premier SIPS enables large soaring rooflines and huge open vaulted ceilings without truss systems. Design professionals can flex their creative muscles like never before to bring you high-impact designs that are sure to leave an impression. Code approved for disaster-prone regions (earthquakes, coastal, hurricanes, wildfires), Premier SIPS offer long-term resiliency and create safer spaces for years to come.


SIPs High Performance Building Envelope (HPBE) systems deliver exceptional sustainability. Offsite factory fabrication eliminates more than 30% of typical construction waste. Additionally, panel layouts are triple-checked to curtail waste during production and any leftover EPS is sent back to the supplier (less than a mile away) to be recycled. SIPs are manufactured with rapidly renewable resources and may qualify for High Performance tax credits, and help projects achieve environmental certifications.

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Build for the Future with Sustainable SIPs

Sustainability starts with the building envelope! Buildings account for almost half of energy consumption and emissions, so making the smart choice in building envelope selection is key to protecting our natural resources.

Premier SIPS systems offer unsurpassed environmental benefits. Finished SIPs buildings reduce the energy consumed and emitted, regularly by up to 60%. The core materials used to manufacture SIPs are renewable and recyclable. Jobsite waste for SIPs construction is reduced by an average 30%. And these are just some of the sustainable features.

All of which have led industry professionals to design and build with SIPs for decades, to make an impact for the greater good of our planet and future generations.

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A History of Innovation

The first SIP systems were designed in 1935 by Forest Products Labs in Wisconsin and utilized by Frank Lloyd Wright through the 1930s and 1940s for his Usonian Houses. In 1952 Alden B Dow, the son of Dow Chemical Company and student of Wright created the first foam core SIP and built several homes that are still standing today. By the 1960s a SIP system as we know it had become readily available.

Since 1985 Premier SIPS has been at the forefront of product development, building on the foundation of those first pioneers. We’re now the leading SIP manufacturer in North America as this method proves over and over to be the future of the building industry. Our product comes with a 20-year warranty because we know that it will stand the test of time.


How does a building cost less to build if SIPs can cost slightly higher than traditional stick frame?

  • Faster Install: Structures are framed and dried-in 50-55% faster, subs start sooner, fewer wasted “crew” days, and less construction interest carried.
  • Offsite Construction: Roof, wall and floors are prefabricated with factory precision
  • Pre-Insulated: High R-value strong rigid insulation incorporated
  • Engineered Quality: Predictable engineered product is plumb and square
  • Reduced Waste: Factory optimization and recyclable components save approximately 30% on jobsite waste
  • Electrical: Installed 20-30% faster with factory-installed electrical chases
  • HVAC: Tighter, more efficient buildings require smaller HVAC systems — up to 40% savings
  • Healthier Indoor Environments: Clean air certified reducing pollutants and interior contaminants
  • No Roof Venting: Eliminate roof venting typically required in low slope roofing
  • Tax Incentives: Qualify for thousands in available tax incentives to both the builder and building owners
  • Warranty: Long-term thermal and structural lamination warranty included

Comparing SIPs to
2X6 R19 Construction

With all of these project factors considered, here is a summary of why SIPs are superior to standard 2X6 R19 construction.

Benefit 2X6 r19 (FIBERGLASS) Construction SIPs Construction
Energy Efficiency Baseline Up to 48% more efficient
R-Value Baseline Whole wall SIP assemblies significantly out perform a 2X6 R19 wall and offer 20-year thermal warranty. View R-values & U-Factors.
Labor Costs Baseline Up to 55% labor savings. Proven! Read SIPA News Release
Strength Baseline 20-30% Stronger – SIPs handle higher in-plane compressive loads. View Load Charts
Seismic Tie downs and additional material/ labor costs required to meet code Approved by code in all seismic zones, additional tie downs may be required depending on design
Waste Created Baseline 30% less salvageable structural lumber sent to landfills over sticks. Premier SIPS are recyclable and made with recycled content.
Fire Resistance Sticks require one layer of 5/8″ drywall to meet a 1-hour fire wall approval. Premier SIPS are code approved for multiple 1-hour wall assembly options.
IAQ – Indoor Air Quality Baseline, no IAQ certification Clean air gold certified.

Featured SIPs Success Stories

Here are regional case studies of actual homes and commercial building projects using Premier's Structural Insulated Panel System:


Grand Families Complex, Phoenix

Winner of the ‘Exemplary Urban Multifamily Project’ Award from the Arizona Department of Housing. 



Manch Elementary School, Las Vegas

2010 SIPA Building Excellence Awards Winner, and National Overall Competition Winner


Menlo Park Net-Zero Residence


Columbia City Passive Apartments, Seattle

2018 SIPA Building Excellence Awards National Runner Up for High-Performance MultiFamily. 


SIPs vs Sticks: Hurricane & Wind Missile Test


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