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Contractors who build with SIPs realize true savings, and deliver faster, stronger, and greener structures over dimensional stick frame construction.


Stand Apart & Sell Faster with Premier SIPS

Customers are changing. They are demanding innovation, and customization, and they want products that are good for the environment. Builders and contractors are searching for ways to offer this innovation without rocking the boat…and the bottom line.

Premier SIPs are the ultimate solution for builders and contractors who want to stand apart from the competition.  SIPs significantly reduce installation time (by about 2/3 a typical framing schedule – structures are framed in days instead of weeks), jobsite waste (again about 2/3 less framing waste), and post-construction callbacks. When you build with Premier SIPS, you can offer a better, greener product to your customers.

Download: Top 10 Builder Challenges Solved With SIPS

See how easy SIPs installation is:


Make the Switch to Sustainable SIPS To Deliver Superior Structures

Imagine offering to build the entire building envelope (roofs, walls, and floors) with a product that is one of the most environmentally-responsible, green building products in the industry today. Explore why today’s most innovative builders have been building with SIPs for decades, and why choosing to build with Premier SIPS helps builders make an impact for the greater good of our planet and future generations. 


Building & Homeowners Save on Utility Bills

SIPs buildings consume less energy than comparable stick frame structures. Being able to offer owners a future reduction on energy bills is just icing on the cake for builders. SIPs structures are between 40-60% more energy efficient than outdated framing methods.

Sustainable from the Start

Made from renewable resources, SIPs are made from EPS foam cores sandwiched between OSB (Oriented Strand Board) panel faces. The OSB is made from fast-growing trees, and produced in a way that yields a large percentage of every tree. The foam itself is made from partially-recycled material, and the final result is a large solid panel that arrives to the jobsite pre-cut.

Extreme Energy Efficiency & Superior R-Values

R-value is a static measurement of the resistance to heat flow. In more than 50 years of scientific data, Premier's SIPs have consistently outperformed other methods of construction in both whole wall R-value comparison and energy efficiency. The dramatic results of choosing SIPs are ecstatic building owners, achieving exceptionally low building operating costs.

Less Jobsite Waste Than Dimensional Lumber

Job-ready, factory fabricated SIPs enable framing crews to install the roof, wall, and floor panels without the need to cut, frame and trim excessive amounts of lumber and other materials. Premier SIPS’ engineered panelization and off-site construction reduces the amount of jobsite waste by 60%, when compared to buildings constructed with regular dimensional lumber and framing materials.  

Exceptional Indoor Air Quality & Temperature Control

Compared to buildings framed with dimensional lumber, Premier’s large SIPs cover greater surfaces with far fewer gaps to be filled and sealed, offering home and building owners better indoor air quality, reduced infiltration of outside pollutants, smaller HVAC system needs, and superior indoor temperature control. SIPs structures stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than buildings framed with dimensional lumber. 


SIPs Tax Inventives Towards Environmental Certification

Builders, architects, engineers,  building owners, and homeowners can receive significant energy efficiency tax credits for choosing high-performance building products and systems like Structural Insulated Panels. Premier SIPS offer a final product that is established, innovative, and environmentally responsible – and good for your bottom line.

2023 Federal IRA energy efficiency incentives offer Residential Builders up to $5000 per dwelling unit. Commercial projects can earn up to $5/sf.  Federal Tax Incentives are available to everyone in the United States. These are IN ADDITION to available environmental tax credits and deductions that vary by region. Additional State, County, City and Utility incentives are also available to combine with Federal incentives. Visit for information about regional tax incentives in your region.


Superior SIPs Construction Now Less Than Lumber Framing

Builders who start using SIPs don’t turn back. The green, environmental product features in SIPs are great, but what really makes builders happy is that they can provide a far superior product to their customers while simultaneously saving money. After all, who doesn’t like a bigger bottom line? With the recent price escalation of lumber framing, pre-fabricated (and insulated, sheathed) panels are competitive, making it easy for contractors to deliver a superior product often for less. 

Check out this comparison to stick frame construction on a 2,000 sf structure:

Benefit Premier SIPS Structure (Roofs, Walls & Floors)
Overall Labor Savings Pre-cut panels arrive at the jobsite ready to install and can save up to 60% on combined labor on overall framing, trim/millwork, window, door, and flooring installations.
HVAC System Reduction Up to 40% smaller HVAC system
Jobsite Waste Savings Up to 60% less jobsite framing lumber waste
Reduced Callbacks Stronger, straighter roofs, walls, and floors that don’t bow, warp or bend, and reduce builder callbacks by up to 50%
Framing Material Costs Pre-cut and pre-insulated panels arrive at the jobsite. The material cost for Premier SIPS, compared to traditional stick frame lumber and insulation packages, is only about 5% higher in raw good costs.
Owner Utility Savings Up to 60% savings on energy bills for your customers. Definitely a selling point!
Bottom Line SIPs are the superior roof, wall, and floor framing product, and are extremely competitive to a builder’s overall budget.

Premier SIPS is Your Building Partner

Dedicated Project Manager for Your SIPs Projects

It’s our job to supply you what you need. To make sure this happens you will have a dedicated Project Manager to answer all of your questions. Your PM will coordinate everything from converting your floor plans to SIPs with our in-house drafting division, to tracking production, shipping, and post-construction follow-up. You will have one contact to get the job done.

Regular Hands-On SIPs Training

We love showing you how easy they are, and have regular half-day training events during which you can experience the installation of Premier SIPs. A customer recently traveled to one of our plants to train his crew on the construction of a complete house, and while they had scheduled 5 days for training, the complete training house was assembled in one day. To learn more contact your regional Premier SIPS rep.

Resources for SIP Building Envelope Installation

Our team of SIPs experts has created downloadable tools for everything you need to know about working with SIPs on the jobsite: installation guides, how-to videos, construction details, tech bulletins, code reports, and more. It’s our way of providing you with the tools to construct buildings with peace of mind knowing that you are providing your customers with a true high-performance structure.


Explore the SIPs Portfolio

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Modern Issaquah Neighborhood, WA

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As the oldest manufacturer in the SIPs industry, Premier’s SIP system is the proven prefabricated building envelope framing system for your next commercial or residential structure. Faster, stronger, and greener than outdated lumber framing methods, SIPs are the future of framing. Join the other thousands of structures built with SIPs, and contact the expert in your local region to get started.

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