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Premier SIPS updates its ICC ESR-4524 to newest code requirements 

Premier SIPS’ revised ICC ESR-4524 was just published by ICC Evaluation Services and contains the latest updates to the most current Building Code requirements.  The most significant update to the 4524 was the addition of four wall assemblies that can be used in Seismic Zones A, B C, D, E and F, that meet the full requirements of ICC Acceptance Criteria AC04, Sandwich Panels Acceptance. 

These Premier SIPS wall assemblies are the first in the SIPs industry to be recognized by ICC as being tested for seismic shear loads while under vertical loading.  Premier SIPS achieved recognition from ICC Evaluation Services by conducting extensive Seismic Wall Testing at an internationally recognized testing laboratory, following the additional requirements within AC436. What this seismic update to 4524 means is that designers can now meet the prescriptive requirements for seismic walls when using the International Building Code, the International Residential Code and many other state and local building codes that model their codes from the I Codes published by the International Code Council.  Municipalities such as Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anchorage and many others in D, E and F seismic regions can make better determinations that Premier SIPS will perform in their high seismic jurisdictions.

All updates to 4524:

  • New Seismic Wall assemblies with both shear and vertical loads for A, B,C,D,E and F Seismic Zones.
  • 1 HR Wall Fire Assembly that can be specified in all thickness from 4.5” to 12.25” up to 24’ high.
  • Recognition to the 2021 International Codes, including the IBC, IRC, IECC energy requirements.
  • Recognition to both the newest California Building Code and the California Residential Code.
  • Recognition to both the Los Angeles Building Code and the Los Angeles Residential Code.

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