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Tech Talk:  SIPs & Multistory Fire Safety

SIPs pass the NFPA 285 Fire Test, ensuring high fire safety for multistory buildings.

Design Professionals

Building Envelope Summit: Seattle & Nor. California Locations

The Summit focuses on the most important assembly in every structure - the envelope. 4/29 in Seattle, WA & 5/1 in Nor...

Design Professionals

Build for the Future With SIPS & Quit Stick-ing in the Past

In a world where technological advancements have propelled industries forward, construction remains stagnant, entrenched in..

Design Professionals

Designing An Award Winning Structure with SIPS - Things to Consider

When it comes to utilizing Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) in your projects, there are key considerations that can..

Design Professionals

A Greener Future With SIPS – Celebrating Our Latest Industry Accolades

Discover how Premier SIPS' commitment to sustainability and innovation has earned us prestigious industry awards for our..

Design Professionals

Sticks vs SIPS: A Comparative Analysis, Exposing the Real Value In Cost Savings

How do you compare the costs of SIPS vs lumber framing? See all of the valuable cost savings to consider for a true..

Design Professionals

Tech Talk: A Deep Dive into Sound Control with Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS)

Noisy neighbors aren't an issue with a variety of Sound Transmission Control assembly options available with Premier SIPS..


Energy Efficient Tax Credits and Incentives Pay Back in Big Ways With SIPs

Opting for SIPs not only results in high-performing buildings that are stronger and healthier, but it also opens the door to..

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SIPS & Fire Performance FAQ: Understanding the Safety of Structural Insulated Panels

Passing critical fire tests, SIPS create airtight residential, multi-family and commercial structures making them a superior..


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