Project Profile: Jacob E. Manch Elementary

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PROJECT PROFILE: Jacob E. Manch Elementary | Las Vegas, Nevada | View Project Profile

“This was the fastest form of construction we have ever used, we have built with CMU, Steel, Wood framing, you name it and these SIPs were the best thing we have ever experienced on a job of this magnitude.” – Martin Harris Construction

manch-exterior2Jacob E. Manch Elementary, Las Vegas, NV


School districts across the United States are increasingly under pressure to manage capital construction and operating costs. When new or remodel construction is needed, many face numerous hurdles, including rapid student population growth requiring larger facilities, and limited funding from local tax levies to pay for building development, along with energy costs to provide a conducive learning environment.

When Clark County School District (Las Vegas, NV) began to plan a new elementary school with a tight budget and construction schedule, project architects SSA Architecture of Las Vegas recommended incorporating structural insulated panels, SIPs, in all exterior walls and roofs for a more efficient and systematic approach to the building’s structure.

The Jacob E. Manch Elementary School is a replacement for an existing building originally constructed in 1963. During the preliminary design stages, the architects determined that materials customarily used in the district – primarily concrete masonry units (CMUs) and tilt-up concrete panels – would not be cost feasible within the approved $20M budget. In addition, with rapidly rising energy costs, the school district was looking for a solution that would reduce heating and cooling demands.

manch201-6-0920068Prior to SIPs, contractor had allocated 12 men for the electrical installation, ended up needing only 3 and reduced their original bid by over $950,000.

SIPs Provided the Following Benefits for Jacob E. Manch Elementary:

  1. COST SAVINGS:  Saved approximately one million dollars in direct construction costs
  2. SPEEDY CONSTRUCTION:  Reduced the framing schedule from a typical 118-220 days to 45 days (a nearly 80% time savings)
  3. REDUCED HVAC REQUIREMENTS:  Reduced HVAC requirements by approximately half, providing both initial capital savings and lower annual heating and cooling bills
  4. REDUCED WASTE:  Decreased construction materials waste and resulting disposal fees and environmental impacts
  5. REDUCED INTERIOR NOISE:  Reduced interior noise coming from nearby Nellis Air Force Base

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manch-11-27-0461Jacob E. Manch Elementary, SIPs installation

Project Details

  • Architect: SSA Architecture | Las Vegas, NV
  • Contractor: Martin Harris Construction | Las Vegas, NV
  • Premier Distributor: Shell Building Systems | Sebastopol, CA Project Size: 68,000 Sq. Ft., Single Story
  • Premier SIPS Used: 6” Walls, 10” Roof, 6” Interior Partition


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