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Reduce and Recycle Jobsite Waste with SIPs

Reduce and Recycle Jobsite Waste with SIPs

Environmental responsibility and sustainability are hot buzzwords in the building industry. The social shift toward environmentally responsible building practices has pushed builders to pursue building methods that reduce jobsite waste and create more durable, energy-efficient structures. Traditional stick-built construction struggles to meet this demand due to energy efficiency shortcomings and large scrap volume accumulations from cutting studs and joists to length. Alternatively, builders have discovered that SIPs provide numerous environmental benefits that home and building owners value.

SIPs Reduce Jobsite Waste

SIPs are made from insulating foam cores (often expanded polystyrene – EPS) laminated to panel faces (typically oriented strand board – OSB). These high-efficiency insulated panels are manufactured in a controlled setting and are cut to the precise sizes required for each job. They are delivered to the jobsite job-ready to allow builders to install the roof, wall and floor panels without the need to cut, frame or trim excessive amounts of lumber. SIPs can reduce jobsite material waste by 60% compared to buildings constructed with dimensional lumber.

Sustainable SIPs

A cost inflicted on builders is the disposal fees associated with home and building construction. With multiple dumpsters being filled, the costs can add up rapidly. An added benefit of using SIPs is that they are recyclable and can be made with a significant amount of recycled content. This means that even the minimal scrap that is created with SIPs can be re-used instead of going to the landfill.

Additionally, the OSB boards that comprise SIP faces often are made from fast-growing, renewable trees, and are manufactured in a way that yields a high percentage of wood from every tree.


For decades, SIPs have provided builders an answer to the increased demand for environmentally responsible buildings. As the social shift toward sustainable buildings continues to gain ground, consider SIPs as a viable option for your next green building project.


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