SIPS Provide Fast Construction During Hot Phoenix Summer

Project content & photos provided by Eric L Meyerowitz Architect

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SIP-Installation3San Miguel Residence, SIPS floor, walls and roof install in 18 days

“As an architect with over 20 years of designing custom homes, the San Miguel project is the first to utilize SIP technology. In addition to designing the structure, I was actively involved in the installation of the panels, observing a framing crew that had never built a SIP structure.  After some brief instruction by Phil Ligon of Premier SIPs, the floor, walls, and roof were assembled with little difficulty.  Having a fully insulated structure for the remaining trades to work under, has been a big bonus during the Phoenix summer.  Now that I have seen how SIPs work, I can’t imagine building future projects utilizing “old school” methods.  I would recommend SIPs to anyone building new structures today.”  – Eric L Meyerowitz

SIP-Installation2-640x393-2San Miguel Residence, SIPS floor, walls and roof install in 18 days


  • Location:  Phoenix, AZ
  • Size:  2,566 SF Residence, 230 SF Studio, 542 SF Garage
  • Premier SIPS used:  11,860 SqFt of Floor, Walls & Roof Panels
  • Framing crew ranging from 3-6 people with no prior experience with SIPS was able to construct the residence, studio and garage in 18 days (time lapse video below)
  • Home is oriented to take advantage of passive heating and cooling strategies, as well as distant mountain views.
  • Environmentally friendly materials and building systems are utilized.
  • Since the property lies in a FEMA controlled floodplain, the structure is raised off the desert floor to meet the federal requirements.


Building systems with acceleration advantages is key these days for builders and developers.  With weather constrictions, labor shortages and positive building economy… construction teams are wanting to get projects up easy and quick.  Erection of SIP panels is estimated to be as much as 3 times faster than traditional framing with no special training for framing installation needed, and provides multiple building needs all in one step.  More benefits include:

  • Unlimited design possibilities:  SIPS can be used for virtually any building design
  • SIP structures have less interior noise, fewer drafts, and more consistent interior temperatures due to the continuous foam core inside every SIP
  • SIPS make inside finish work easier to complete
  • Due to their inherent air-tightness, SIPs make control of IAQ possible
  • Energy efficiency of SIPS reduces heating and cooling costs
  • SIPS are custom manufactured to meet specifications,  reducing jobsite waste
  • Building with SIPS help earn LEED Points




  • Architect:  Eric L Meyerowitz Architect
  • Location:  Phoenix, AZ
  • Structural Engineer:  Wright Engineer
  • Civil Engineer:  Michael Hook, P.E.
  • Geotechnical Engineer:  Hoque and Assoc
  • Mechanical Engineer:  James Brown
  • Landscape Architect:  Colwell Shelor

Visit  Eric L Meyerowitz Architect for more:  Model photos, house demolition, foundation work timeline and installation photos


Contact:  Phil Ligon, Southwest Regional Manager


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