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Another Example Where SIPs Saved Homeowner Money

Another Example Where SIPs Saved Homeowner Money

RJT Development witnessed cost savings with Structural Insulated Panel benefits first-hand, almost 20 years ago when they utilized SIPs in the construction of Crown Hills, a subdivision outside of San Diego, California. The development called for the production of nearly 350 homes built with SIPs. SIPs enabled RJT’s crews to work quickly and complete an average 10 houses per month.  While each house cost an average of $1,600 more than a “traditional” stick-built home, the energy costs were significantly lower for the homes built with SIPs – a key selling point to potential buyers!

Over a 5 year period, RJT monitored the heating and cooling cost from Crown Hills and compared it with comparable sized homes in the same area with data provided by San Diego Gas & Electric. Initially the average energy bill for a home in Crown Hills was $53.56 per month, while stick-built homes of the same size were $125 – $135 per month. In less than two years, the original $1,600 investment was “paid off” in decreased energy bills. A few years after that, due to deregulation and escalating energy costs, Crown Hills homes averaged approximately $160 in energy costs, while the nearby houses averaged nearly $400 per month.

If energy prices would have stayed constant from that point on over the next five years, a Crown Hills homeowner would have realized a gain in savings of 10 years of over more than $18,000.

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