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Engineered Wood Structures: A Fast Growing Solution for Mid-Rise & Multifamily


One of many projects in the metro Las Vegas area that chose SIPS framing to reduce the operational costs for the building owner/occupants. For this low-income housing developer who covers the costs of utilities in future occupants’ rent, the project becomes more profitable. For other multi-family projects, the building occupants can afford a different (higher) rent if they have significantly lower heating/cooling bills – with SIPS occupants typically save 55% on their heating and cooling costs each year.

It’s no surprise to us that innovative systems like engineered wood structures (including SIPS) are one of the fasted growing structural solutions for mid-rise multifamily buildings. The switch away from traditional 2×4 and 2×6 lumber is a long time coming, and one that many contractors have been hesitant to embrace.

When ready to address sustainability concerns wood products are the way to go. The catch is choosing engineered products for predictability, straight and plump structures, and accurate measuring. The days of excessive installation time and endless measuring, cutting, shimming, and correcting to get ONE wall (or floor or roof) section square is over. Builders are smarter about their installation methods and designers are thrilled to be able to use framing systems that are significantly more efficient for the end user.

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Architectural Record with its supreme reputation in the AEC industry has taken notice of this shift and highlights some of the reasons why more and more structures are now framed as engineered wood structures.

Check out the full article, straight from Architectural Record.


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