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The Environmental Benefits and Cost Savings of Building and Living in a SIPs House

Are you one of the 1.2 million individuals building a home in the U.S. this year? If so, there are many considerations that you will need to take into account for your build. When talking to your builder about project materials, you should discuss living in a SIPs house. A SIPs built home can be beneficial to the environment and help save you money on utilities and other expenses during your residency in the home.

What is a SIPs Home?
A SIPs home is a house that is constructed using structural insulated panels (SIPs). These panels use a pattern of insulated rigid core sandwiched between two boards to create a tight and sound seal. They can be used on walls, floors, and ceilings, both internally and externally. Their versatility has been used in projects dating back to the 1930s.

Because of how they are built, the panels in the home are more durable and straighter than traditional panels, which helps ensure that they have higher long-term durability. Their structural soundness can provide homeowners who prefer more temperate climates peace of mind in an emergency. With the tighter seal that these panels are constructed with, there are also several environmental benefits that these homes provide.

 Environmental Benefits
One of the most common attractions to SIPs is the tight structure that these panels are designed to have. With a tight seal, indoor air quality is improved as fewer pollutants can enter the walls. Even mold and insects are deterred from entering the home because of the non-toxic material used in the insulation. These panels help prevent air drafts, which leads to lower energy usage and reduced greenhouse gas emitted from the home. Additionally, Premier SIPs are built using materials made from renewable resources.

The impact that SIPs generate can help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. With rising concerns over climate change, all of us need to consider ways to live more sustainably. Your simple choice of constructing your home with eco-conscious panels could help create a chain reaction that will significantly impact the environment.

The Potential Energy Cost Savings
SIP built homes not only provide a healthy environment for your family to live in, but they could also help you save on energy bills. As these panels reduce air drafts, a SIP homeowner could see up to 60% less on their heating and cooling costs. Many modern homes that are energy efficient also qualify homeowners for an array of federal, state, and local energy initiatives. These initiatives can be issued in the form of rebates or tax incentives.

Financing a SIPs House

New Construction
If you are interested in building a SIPs home, there are many ways to help you finance your new home’s construction. One of the significant cost-saving benefits to SIPs is that they often take less time to be constructed than traditional panels, helping you cut down on construction and labor costs. The insulation of your home is also already included in these panels when they arrive, helping you save on another significant home building expense. As these panels come prefabricated, they also won’t need to be cut to size, a project that often ends up wasting large amounts of expensive building materials.

Buying a Pre-Existing SIPs Home
If you are interested in living in a SIPs home but would prefer to purchase a pre-existing structure, you still have many options. You’ll first want to check with your real estate agent to provide you with a detailed overview of the original construction on the home. This will help ensure that this home’s investment will be made on a structurally sound and environmentally conscious one.

The next step that you’ll want to take is researching which loan option is right for you. With a government-backed mortgage loan option, you could qualify for low down payments and looser financial restrictions. Once you have chosen the right mortgage option for you and your future home, you can investigate additional financing options. Your home may be eligible to qualify for environmental tax benefits, which you can then fold into your FHA loan to help repay it over your loan’s lifetime. These benefits are available at the local, state, or federal agency levels. If your home has eco-friendly home upgrades and LEED-certified products in use within the home, you could be eligible.

Is a SIPs House for You?
When investing in a new home, whether you’ll be purchasing a pre-existing home or constructing a new one, the home’s durability and performance should be at the forefront of your decision. With a SIPs home, you’ll be ensured that it can perform at high-levels of structural soundness while also providing benefits to the environment. You can read more about the advantages of choosing a SIPs home here.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed with the number of decisions and options to make when building or purchasing a home. With sufficient research into these decisions, you’ll make the right choice for your family, the environment, and your finances.

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