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The Only Track-Side Car Storage in the U.S., Arizona Club Chooses PSIPS for Luxury Track Side Garages

The Only Track-Side Private Club & Auto Storage  in the U.S. Chooses Premier SIPS for Luxury Track Side Garage-Condominiums

APEX Motor Club is an exclusive club in the Phoenix, AZ metro featuring two race tracks, a clubhouse and 96 privateAPEX_CLUBHOUSE_ENTRY-768x432 track-side luxury car garages-condominiums for race/luxury car storage. Combined, the two tracks will offer 4.2 miles of race track including a 3,400 ft (.65-mile) straightaway for the race car aficionado. Phase 1 (now complete) includes 2.27 miles of race grade track asphalt – and a .65 mile straightaway.

APEX-Phase-1-Garages-Premier-SIPSIMG_0469-300x225Members of APEX Motor Club are enjoying world class racing circuits, country club-style amenities, and race tracks designed by the award winning designers from Motorsports Service International. Needless to say, this isn’t your “Grandfather’s racetrack.”

Membership at the club offers access to purchase and personalize track-side, high end car garage-condominiums. The garages are ideal for both entertaining and storage of modern sports cars, track cars, and vintage cars. In line with the high end experience, the track-side facilities also had to be high performance, so the developers looked to Premier SIPS to fit their needs.

The garages begin as what APEX refers to as a “shell.”  At Premier, we refer to this shell as the “ultimate highAPEX-1250-Sf-Garage-Condos-Premier-SIPSScreen-Shot-2021-12-14-at-7.13.02-PM-768x323 performance building envelope.”  The roof and walls of these structures are made with Premier SIPS. Factory fabricated for extreme precision, panels are manufactured in a controlled environment, engineered for extreme strength, and straight and plumb for fast predictable construction. The Premier Structural Insulated Panels are delivered to the APEX motor club and installed to form the garage structure in days, rather than weeks (a key benefit for owners anxious to personalize their garages). The speed of construction from SIPs also helped developers combat the construction industry’s current skilled labor shortages.

Apex-AZ-Install-IMG_0115-600x450The finished shell is comprised of large pre-insulated, structurally laminated panels manufactured per APEX’s exact floor plans. The SIPs join together in very few joints (as compared to outdated site framing methods), and the finished panelized building envelope is extremely energy efficient, exceptionally comfortable and offers healthy indoor environments (IAQ) for occupants. The rigid insulation core is solid, has long-term thermal values, and is resistant to insects and decay – a massive upgrade from typical batt insulation. The structural facings on either side of the insulation create the sheathing and the exceptionally strong (think seismic and natural disaster approved). Exterior and interior finishes are installed directly on these facings.

APEX-1250-Sf-Garage-Condos-Premier-SIPSScreen-Shot-2021-12-14-at-7.12.49-PM-300x190APEX-1250-Sf-Garage-Condos-Premier-SIPSScreen-Shot-2021-12-14-at-7.12.43-PM-300x192When we say these aren’t typical storage garages you expect, we aren’t kidding. APEX has developed the Club to be a place to truly hang out, and these garage-condominiums pull out all the smart design options to make this a reality for members. In addition to main floor garage space, with enough room for multiple lifts,  each unit  includes 2nd floor mezzanines for hanging out and a half bathroom (shower option).

Designed to be multi-configurable, the garages each measure 25×50 feet for a total square footage of 1,250. If a member needs more space, two garages can be  join them together for a larger footprint. Club members are lining up and some amazing automobiles are already calling this incredible facility home.

APEX-Phase-1-Garages-Premier-SIPSIMG_0465-scaledScreen-Shot-2021-12-14-at-7.20.13-PM-768x472Take a video tour and see some of the action at APEX’s YouTube Channel here. 

Phase 1: Now underway, 48 trackside garage condominiums | 1,250 square feet each

Phase 2: An additional, 48 trackside garage condominiums | 1,250 square feet each

Get more specific details and tour the Club & impressive race tracks here.

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