Premier SIPS named #1 Structural Brand by Green Builder!

A Greener Future With SIPS – Celebrating Our Latest Industry Accolades

We’re thrilled to share that Premier SIPS has been honored with prestigious industry awards in recognition of our commitment to sustainable building practices and innovation.  These accolades highlight our dedication to shaping a greener future with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)  and forward-thinking approaches to construction.

Green Builder Media Green Homes of the Year 

hoty-logo-no-yearGreen Builder Media has recognized two Premier SIPS projects as esteemed Green Homes of The Year Winners for 2024!  Our two winning projects stand tall among the "best of the best" in home construction, showcasing projects that exemplify smart, resilient, and creatively designed living spaces. Green Builder Media's expert panel of judges rigorously evaluated these projects on criteria such as sustainability, resilience, affordability, creativity, and environmental synergy, making this award a true mark of excellence.  Visit Green Builder Media’s Digital Magazine for the full lineup of winning projects.

2024 Green Home of the Year Award – Alternative Building:  Energy Star SIP Home | Berkeley, CA

Berkley Green Builder Media Award PM"The use of alternative/unconventional means of delivering and installing home components is excellent." -From the Judges

This modern residence, nestled on a challenging slope, showcased the versatility of SIPs. Overcoming the site's obstacles, a creative solution emerged: a small walking path allowed for a slide to transport SIP panels efficiently, saving time and labor. Moreover, SIPs' lightweight nature enabled a reduction in foundation size, cutting structural costs by 25%.  View project details and photos here.

Architect: Denise Montgomery, Denise Hall Montgomery Architecture | Builder: Greg Koepf, Shell Building Systems

2024 Green Home of the Year Award – General Category:

Solar SIP House ADU | Seattle, WA

"Remarkable use of SIP panels and building science principles for an ADU!  Outstanding Delivery!  -From the Judges

Designed to repurpose an abandoned building's foundation on a compact urban site, this project showcases the efficiency and versatility of SIPs. Meeting Net Zero standards and powering two electric vehicles, this charming cottage exceeds Seattle's rigorous earthquake codes, boasting an impressive air leakage test result of 1.38 ACH50.

Architect: John Novak, Velocipede Architects | Builder:  Dan Allison, Abode Builders

Premier SIPS Green Builder Media Award, ADU

Structural Insulated Panel Association Building Excellence Awards

BEA_2023_LogoWe’re proud of our success in the 2024 Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) Building Excellence Awards. Held during the 22nd Annual Meeting in January, these awards showcase Structural Insulated Panel projects throughout North America with outstanding design, engineering, and sustainability achievements within the building products industry.  Premier SIPS projects received 12 awards across 7 categories. Visit SIPA’s website for all winning projects

COMMERCIAL OVER 10K S/F WINNER:  Joann A Alexi Memorial School | Atmautlauk, AKStructural Insulated Panels, Premier SIPS Commercial project award

This project, serving as both a K-12 Education facility during the school year and a Community Center on weekends and summers, prioritized environmental sustainability. SIPs were chosen for their eco-friendly attributes, contributing to energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. As a result, the building exceeds energy code and ASHRAE 90.1 standards… and is a STUNNER to look at! View project details and photos here.

COMMERCIAL OVER 10K S/F RUNNER-UP:  Northern Water Utility Campus Expansion Building | Berthold, CO

Northern Water's expansion project, aiming to double building square footage, chose SIP construction for its energy efficiency, waste reduction, and indoor environmental health benefits. SIPs not only contributed significantly to pursuing LEED certification but also accelerated construction, saving time and ensuring long-term energy efficiency.  View project details and photos here.

COMMERCIAL UNDER 10K S/F WINNER:  NOAA Research Center Galley & Bunk House | Cape Shirreff, Antarctica

A very unique project - Research center Galley & Bunk House at NOAA’s U.S. Antarctic Marine Living Resources Program. The program partnered with students to design a field camp at the bottom of the world.  Speed of construction and high thermal efficiency is KEY in this extreme arctic climate where scientists only spend a portion of the year because of extreme temperatures.  The U.S. AMLR Program needed to replace the deteriorating camp, but it couldn’t afford to build a new camp and conduct a normal field season in the same year. It had to make a choice: pause science and rebuild the camp? Or continue at the current camp while balancing research with increasing maintenance? So speed of assembly with SIPS and high thermal performance were key factors for the students when designing the building for the Antarctic Climate. View project details and photos here.

COMMERCIAL UNDER 10K S/F RUNNER UP:  Aspen Distilling | Aspen, CO

Sustainability at the core of the project, seeking Living Building Certification. One of the few commercial to pursue this certification in North America. The project is also currently waiting on LEED Platinum certification. SIPS married well with the requirements of these certifications. SIPS also enabled long-term energy efficiency and total net positive energy operations, full electrification of all systems, and carbon-negative project design, construction, and long-term operation. View project details and photos here.

MULTIFAMILY WINNER:  Sunset Apartments | Longmont, COStructural Insulated Panels, Premier SIPS Mulitfamily project award

The client had this to say about the benefits of SIPS on this project:  “SIPS are the only way we build now. We save time, build a stronger, safer, more comfortable structure, that has an incredible environmental impact with little jobsite waste, drastically reduced operating costs (which helps keep long-term tenants), and durability requiring less maintenance than other framing assemblies.  In terms of speed of construction, SIPS ensured that all walls were straight which helped us when laying out all other walls. Additionally, sips allow for us to quickly build the exterior walls. We were able to finish the roof panels in two days!  The project was completed in about 14 months and was actually under budget, even while facing some very difficult supply chain problems.” View project details and photos here.

RENOVATIONS RUNNER-UP:  Home Addition | San Pedro, CA

Structural Insulated Panels, Premier SIPS Residential project awardUtilizing SIPs streamlined installation, cut labor costs, and ensured code compliance, while innovative design elements like strategic room orientation and high clerestory windows optimize natural ventilation and reduce the need for AC. Structural features, including a large glu-lam beam, not only enhance aesthetics but also provide future-proofing for potential roof deck additions. View project details and photos here.

RESIDENTIAL OVER 3K S/F RUNNER-UP:  Casita & Shop | Scottsdale, AZ

This project exemplifies a turnkey approach to building, with the owner seeking a comprehensive building envelope solution covering roof, walls, and floors. With a focus on energy efficiency, modern design, and rapid installation, SIP construction proved to be the perfect fit for their needs.

RESIDENTIAL UNDER 3K S/F RUNNER-UP:  Sustainable Pueblo Unido | Thermal, CA

This project marks the beginning of a groundbreaking initiative addressing the critical need for affordable housing in the Coachella Valley. Sustainability was paramount in the decision-making process, with a focus on meeting California's stringent Title 24 code while delivering significant operational savings in the long run. SIPs emerged as the ideal solution, facilitating fast and affordable construction while reducing energy costs for low-income families.  View project details and photos here.


This innovative structure, replacing a century-old DADU, boasts super efficiency and versatility. With 2” cork insulation, it not only enhances R-Value but also eliminates siding costs, all while remaining 100% natural. Sporting a remarkable HERS Index of -2 and ACH50 of 1.07, this SIP DADU is a testament to low energy use.  View project details and photos here.

RESIDENTIAL UNDER 3K S/F RUNNER-UP HIGH PERFORMANCE:  8 Ocate Court Dessert House | Placitas, NMStructural Insulated Panels, Premier SIPS Residential Project Award

The home features innovative green technologies, including solar panels, ERV air purifiers, a car charging station, 8" thick SIPs walls with R35+ performance, and energy-efficient insulation, ensuring reduced utility costs. Embrace sustainable living without compromising on luxury or comfort.  View project details and photos here.

RESIDENTIAL UNDER 900 S/F WINNER:  Hilltop ADU | Los Altos Hills, CA

Meeting Title 24 and high seismic requirements was a breeze with SIPs' thermal values and strength. The tight hilltop jobsite made off-site panelized construction a perfect fit, saving time and money. With SIPs, the entire building, including 850 sf of floor panels, was installed in just two days, with labor savings due to easy and fast installation. This SIP design ensures long-term energy efficiency while the owner renovates their primary home.


Their choice of SIPS helped achieve many goals: energy efficiency, cost savings, structural strength, environmental sustainability, design flexibility, comfort, durability, and code compliance.  

The advantages of selecting SIPs have never been more evident. Structural panelized construction provides a controlled environment for SIP production, ensuring projects stay on track while minimizing labor requirements. This environmentally conscious building method results in comfortable structures, healthier and more durable, promising enjoyment for generations to come. SIPs stand out as the most dependable and practical choice, meeting rigorous energy standards without stifling the creative ingenuity of our industry. Building professionals familiar with SIPs can vouch for the efficiency of the entire process, from design to installation, making it a preferred option for constructing high-performance buildings.  Premier is extremely proud that so many designers, contractors, and building owners look to our SIPs products to create sustainable structures. For more detailed information, construction and design details or photos of any of these award-winning projects, please reach out to your local Premier Rep.



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