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Build Better, Build Smarter:  Reduce On-Site Labor Demands with SIPS


In an industry where challenges lurk around every corner, adaptability isn’t just a desirable trait - it’s a necessity.  Construction projects face a plethora of hurdles, with the ongoing labor crisis looming large. This particular challenge triggers a domino effect, from budget overruns to efficiency dilemmas, each posing a threat to meticulously planned projects.

The U.S. construction industry needs to attract approximately half a million new workers in 2024 to balance supply and demand.  Compounding this challenge is the reality of an aging workforce, with the median age of U.S. construction workers at 42.  As the industry grapples with attracting younger talent, the labor challenge shows no signs of relenting anytime soon.

Labor-Savings Materials & Processes

So what’s the solution?  if adaptability is key to overcoming challenges, why do so many builders continue to rely on outdated methods?  To overcome these challenges, the industry must turn to materials and processes that offer a better path forward.

Structural Insulated Panels, SIPS, are proven time-savers and can alleviate labor woes. While this off-site framing and insulation method may entail a slightly higher initial investment, the labor savings, and increased efficiency they afford can more than offset this cost.  Let’s dive into how SIPS are a labor-saving material and process.

Off-site Fabrication: A Key to Labor Savings

SIPs delivered to construction site

Off-site fabrication lies at the heart of SIPS technology, which is a shift from traditional stick-framed building.  With this approach, panels are manufactured in a controlled environment, ensuring precision and consistency in every component.  This offsite fabrication process not only streamlines construction but also significantly reduces on-site labor demands - an invaluable asset in today’s labor-constrained environment.

For example, panel cutting takes place on a computer numerical control (CNC) router, which offers an impressive accuracy rate of 99.9%.  Such precision would be very hard to achieve on the job site.  Additionally, doors and window openings are tailored to each floor plan. This offsite fabrication process ensures the panels are precisely sized, eliminating the margin for human error often associated with on-site measuring and cutting.  As a result, the finished panels arrive at the construction site ready for installation, minimizing the time spent on material preparation.  SIPS offer a superior solution for building better while reducing labor demands. 

Building Smarter: Streamline Your Builds

streamline your builds with SIPs (1)

By integrating prefabrication with simplified on-site assembly, SIPs offer a swifter installation process compared to conventional stick framing methods.  A long-term third party study by R.S. Means constructed two side by side identical structures, one stick framed and one SIP framed. The SIP structure was installed 55% faster. Making the structure dried in twice as fast as traditional stick site framing (steel framing is even slower), so trades could get started faster, the building finished and operational faster, and reducing overall loan/construction costs - a direct impact to the bottom line, and construction profitability!  

  • Swift Installation Process: Structures are framed and dried in 50-55% faster, subs star sooner and fewer wasted ‘crew’ days
  • Cost and Labor Savings: Reduced construction time leads to lower labor costs and overall project expenses.
  • Three-in-One Solution: SIPs provide structure, insulation, and air barrier in one package, streamlining installation.
  • Minimized On-Site Tasks: SIPs minimize the need for on-site framing, insulation, air sealing, and barriers.  They also reduce the labor needed for drywall, finishes, trim, inspections and testing, site clean-up, and waste removal.
  • Comprehensive Solution: SIPs optimize construction processes, delivering significant time and cost savings while ensuring superior performance and results

The SIPs Advantage:  Increasing Your Bottom Line

custom-residence-civano-north-ridge-tucson-arizona_5246886097_o copyNow, onto the most important concern: How does this affect your bottom line? SIPs help reduce on-site labor demands—a key factor in accelerating project timelines and maximizing profitability. With SIPs, construction projects are completed faster, allowing for quicker turnovers and occupancy. Additionally, the rapid installation of SIPs enables buildings to be dried in faster, protecting against weather-related delays and reducing the time to occupancy. This efficiency extends to the selling process, where faster construction translates to quicker returns on investment—a compelling proposition for builders and developers alike.

  • Reduced Framing Hours: SIPs streamline construction, requiring fewer framing hours on the job compared to traditional methods.
  • Lower Loan Interest Expenses: Faster construction with SIPs leads to reduced loan interest expenses, ultimately saving builders money.
  • Superior Engineered Product: SIPs offer a better-engineered product, particularly in terms of energy efficiency, enhancing the value proposition for end owners.
  • Minimized On-Site Tasks: SIPs minimize the need for on-site framing, insulation, air sealing, and other labor-intensive tasks, further reducing costs and increasing profitability.

SIPs offer a comprehensive solution for building better and smarter. By embracing innovative materials and processes, construction professionals can future-proof their projects, reduce labor demands, and increase profitability. With SIPs, the future of construction looks brighter and more efficient than ever before.  Contact your local Premier SIPS representative for more.


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