PSIPS receive SIPA awards for energy efficient & sustainable SIP projects

The 9th annual Building Excellence Awards were awarded last week during the 2011 Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) annual conference in South Carolina. Building Excellence Awards highlight innovative projects using SIPs as the basis for energy-efficient, green buildings.  It was an extremely impressive accomplishment recognized by the entire SIP industry.  Premier SIPs is very excited and honored to be awarded with:

  • Overall competition winner, Sungazing House, O’meara Residence
  • Single Family Homes Over 3,000 sq. ft. category winner, Sungazing House, O’meara Residence
  • Commercial/Industrial/Institutional category winner, Audubon Refuge
  • Renovation category winner, Johnson Residence


attachment-4-ashxSungazing House

This entirely awesome house with energy efficient design by Lacroix Design is being rewarded time and time again.  Designated for LEED Platinum, Net Zero Energy and Passive…GreenBuilder Magazine stated “This year’s most outstanding green home is not only dazzling to behold, but it’s also heated and powered almost entirely by the sun”. This ultra modern and energy-efficient project, The Sungazing House, puts green dreams into practice, incorporating passive solar design and receiving pretty much every green building certification system on the market. The need for energy is almost zero, designed with site orientation, quad-pane Serious Windows, Premier Insulated 12″ walls and 16″ ceiling, airtight construction, an HRV, Energy Star appliances, all LED lighting and a reflective roof. This house is truly a masterpiece….and we are very grateful and excited to be part of this project with Tall Pines Construction that has won such accolades in the industry!

View Sungazing House Photo Gallery with construction and finished photos

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We just posted a project look back couple weeks ago, Stimulus Funds Help Construct National Wildlife Refuge, on this inspiring large scale SIP project.  The 11,000 sq. ft. LEED Gold building was constructed by the U.S. Department of the Interior to serve visitors to the 14,000 acre federally-administered wildlife refuge…and is a great model for an energy efficient government building

View Premier SIPs NWR Flickr Gallery with construction and completed project photos



front-entry-south-facing-covered-porch-provide-shade-but-external-thermal-mass-gathers-heat-in-afternoonJohnson Residence

The innovative use of Premier Insul-Lam panels allowed Ted Clifton of CVH, Inc., to achieve unprecedented energy savings at a far lower net cost than other means. Result:   reduced heating/cooling energy use by over 83.5%!

The Johnson residence is Five-Star rated (highest level) in the SICBA Built Green Program, and won a gold level NAHB Energy Value Housing Award for the 2010 award year.

  • Premier Insul-Lam panels were used for air-sealing, insulation on exterior walls.
  • Replaced some walls entirely with SIPS.
  • Upgraded to low-e vinyl windows.  Replaced furnace with ductless mini-split heat pumps & air-sealed the floor and ceiling.
  • Added new raised heel trusses to allow a fully insulated ceiling structure all the way to the outside edge of the wall plates, and were able to add over 600 sf of conditioned living area while reducing the energy-use by 83.5%.

View Premier SIPs Johnson Residence Flickr Photo Gallery with completed project photos

Premier SIPs was also mentioned for:

  • Single Family Homes Under 3,000 sq ft honorable mention, Cypress Grove, Seaside CA
  • Single Family Homes Over 3,000 sq ft runner up, NW Net Zero Energy House, Yarrow Point WA
  • Commercial/Industrial/Institutional honorable mention, Los Banos Community Center, Los Banos CA
  • Commercial/Industrial/Institutional honorable mention, Amavi Winery, Walla Walla WA

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