Simplifying STC with SIPS

Because of their high energy efficiency, structural insulated panels (SIPs) are commonly used for exterior walls and roofs, but a new noise reducing SIP assembly for interior walls has been developed. These assemblies simplify the construction of STC 50 or higher walls, while also meeting fire-rating requirements, in some cases.  STC / Hourly Wall Assembly Brochure.

Testing by an independent laboratory confirms that Premier Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) reduce sound transmission, for a quieter indoor environment.  Certain wall assemblies using the panels achieve sound transmission class ratings (STC) of up to 58 and 59 – well above the STC 50 requirement for walls separating dwelling units.  Notably, these assemblies are also ASTM E119 hourly fire-rated assemblies.


Premier SIPs provide builders and designers with energy efficiency, high STC ratings and hourly fire-rated assemblies in a framing system that the contractor can install very quickly.  With today’s construction labor shortages, Premier SIPs offers an exceptional system with fewer labor requirements than traditional framing products.

Premier SIPS & our proprietary STC assembly have been featured in the following four notable publications:

1. Modern Contractor Solutions, Jan 2017 “Silence is Golden.” 

2., Jan 2017 “High Performance Building Envelopes.” 

3. Construction Specifier, Dec 2016/January 2017 “How SIPS Simplify STC” 

4. Construction Specifer, Dec 2016/Jan 2017 “Tight, but not uptight: Managing air and moisture in SIP buildings.”

More on Premier SIPS for STC :  STC / Hourly Wall Assembly Brochure.

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