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Design Professionals

Tech Talk: Evaluating Accurate Performance With The U-Factor Method

The U-Factor Method is the most accurate for determining performance values. This Premier Tech Talk explains the U-Factor..

Design Professionals

Tech Talk: Why True High Performance Buildings Incorporate Durability & Resiliency

Premier SIPs make durable, reliable materials so you don't have to worry about your home falling apart in a storm. Keep..

Design Professionals

Tech Talk: Balance Costs by Prioritizing Function and Affordability of High Performance Building Envelopes

How do code approved building envelope assemblies, like SIPS, enable contractors and designers to best balance costs &..


Spotlight on Thermal Bridging and the IECC Code

Thermal bridging is a key component of energy loss. The best way to combat this is with continuous insulation framing..


Tech Talk: Comfort, Health & Energy Conservation Converge In True High Performing SIPs Buildings

The performance of High Performing Premier SIPs can be viewed specifically in three areas of product features and customer..


Tech Talk: Comparing High Performance Building Envelope Assemblies & Systems

Compare High Performance Building Envelope component assemblies and systems available for energy efficient design and..


Tech Talk: SIPs Save Time & Offer Ease of Construction

Choosing to work with Premier SIPs can save you time and offer some ease with the construction process. How? Keep reading to..


Tech Talk: High Performance Envelope: The Core of Construction

Every structure needs to be built with a High Performance Building Envelope (HPBE). Here are the top attributes every HPBE..

Design Professionals

SIP Shear Walls: Exceptional Performance in High-Seismic Regions

Are Structural Insulated Panels a good choice buildings in crucial seismic zones?

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