Wood has many attributes that make it an obvious choice for green buildings.  It grows naturally, using energy from the sun, and is the only major building material that’s renewable and sustainable over the long term.  It also outperforms steel and concrete when compared using life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology. LCA is an internationally recognized approach to evaluating materials, assemblies and even whole structures, over the course of their entire lives, based on measurable indicators of environmental impact.  Using this method, study after study has shown that wood is better for the environment than steel or concrete in terms of:  Global warming potential, Resource use, Embodied energy, Air pollution, and Water pollution.


Premier SIP

Our Structural Insulated Panel, SIP, product is an engineered wood framing system that provides an extremely strong building panel that needs no skeleton for support.  Premier’s large, pre-fabricated SIPS make the framing process faster than other building methods and enable a more airtight, well-insulated building for high energy efficiency.

Wood also contributes to a building’s energy efficiency and has an important role to play in the fight again climate change.  While humans contribute carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. growing trees absorb CO2 and release clean oxygen. Some of the CO2 is absorbed into the soil and the rest is stored ini trees- and wood products from trees- until they burn or biodegrade.

sarann-knight-3rd-floor-2Multi-Family SIP Project, Las Vegas NV

Further to the life cycle assessment of Wood, read more on the life cycle assessment of SIPS.  By providing substantial energy savings and critical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the energy invested in the production and delivery of SIPS yields an exponential benefit to the environment, when compared to traditional stick framing.

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As the oldest manufacturer in the SIPs industry, Premier’s SIP system is the proven prefabricated building envelope framing system for your next commercial or residential structure. Faster, stronger, and greener than outdated lumber framing methods, SIPs are the future of framing. Join the other thousands of structures built with SIPs, and contact the expert in your local region to get started.

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