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Understanding Warranted R-values for SIPs Insulation

Our SIP panels offer higher R-values, contributing to increased energy efficiency, lower heating and cooling costs, and..


Watch: Jobsite Video #8 Installing SIP Roofs

Learn how to install SIP roofs with ease and efficiency. Watch the seamless installation process of these energy-efficient..


Watch: Jobsite Video #7 Electrical Installation in SIP Structures

Electrical is installed in a SIPS building envelope simply by pulling wire through factory manufactured chases. See how..


Watch: Jobsite Video #6 Sealing A SIP Structure

Learn how to seal joints in a SIP structure for a successful installation. Watch the video to see how energy-efficient SIP..


Watch: Jobsite Video #5 Installing Windows & Doors

Learn how to easily install windows and doors with pre-cut openings made offsite. Check out the variety of options available..


Watch: Jobsite Video #4 Standing Walls

Watch the 4th video in our installation series showing the important elements of connecting and standing prefabricated..

Design Professionals

Accelerating Construction: The Remarkable Speed of SIPS

Accelerate construction with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). Discover how SIPS technology revolutionizes building speed,..

Design Professionals

Stick Framing vs Structural Insulated Panels Cost Comparison

Discover the cost comparison between stick framing and structural insulated panels. Contact Premier SIPS for personalized..


Engineered Wood Advantages vs. Dimensional Lumber: A Game-Changer for Builders

Engineered wood products & assemblies (like SIPs) offer advantages that dimensional lumber can't match. Including..


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