Higher Warranted R-Values, Higher Performing Envelopes - GPS Insulation SIPS

Graphite Enhanced Structural Insulated Panels

Premier GPS SIPS are truly the epitome of high-performance framing.  Made with GPS (graphite rigid insulation polystyrene) rigid insulation cores, Graphite SIPS offers 41% higher (warranted) R-Values over stick-formed construction.

Higher Warranted R-Values:  
Premier Graphite SIP systems create tight building envelopes, which reduce heating and cooling (operating) costs by up to 60%, and increase R-Values an average of 41% over stick framing.  Additionally, Graphite SIPS offers significant greatly reduces mechanical (HVAC) equipment needs

Higher Insulating Values: Graphite-insulated cores drive an increase in R-Values even further the colder the temperature gets.  In fact, Graphite SIPS R-Values actually increase in colder weather.

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Fast Installation:  Large, pre-cut structural panels assemble like a jig saw puzzle, and allow a building envelope to be erected up to 55% faster.  SIPS structures require less skilled framing labor, enable businesses to open sooner and allow homeowners to move in faster.

Thinner Framing:  In some conditions, higher R-Values allow for thinner panels, which in turn can reduce accessories (shorter fasteners, thinner connection pieces) and transportation costs tied to the shipment of SIPS from the factory to the job site.

GPS Staged for shipping -- July 2017-1Environmentally Responsible:  SIPS typically produce 30% less Jobsite waste than traditional construction and are recyclable, and have no HBCDs reducing the burden on our natural resources.

Code Approved:  Graphite SIPS are recognized by key code approval agencies, easily meet energy code requirements, and notably are the only non-cement-based enclosure approved for California’s Title 24 new construction requirements.  Graphite cores are made with BASF’s Neopor which has earned GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.


Premier GPS SIPS Power Up Design, Construction & Energy Efficiency

The Science Behind Graphite

Premier’s Graphite SIPS are made with graphite polystyrene (GPS) cores which increase R-Values through the graphite’s ability to reflect radiant heat like a mirror.  The result is a cost-effective way to increase R-Values by an average 30%.  Ultimately Platinum SIPS are able to increase energy efficiency without significant cost increases.


Whole Wall Tested R-value Comparison Premier GPS SIPS vs Stick Framing

GPS vs Sticks Whole Wall R-value Comparison

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As the oldest manufacturer in the SIPs industry, Premier’s SIP system is the proven prefabricated building envelope framing system for your next commercial or residential structure. Faster, stronger, and greener than outdated lumber framing methods, SIPs are the future of framing. Join the other thousands of structures built with SIPs, and contact the expert in your local region to get started.

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