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What’s in Your Walls? SIPs Cost Savings Quantified

Explore how SIPs streamline construction, meet code requirements, improve energy efficiency, and more. Opt for a sustainable..


What Are SIPs? The Basics of Structural Insulated Panels

Learn the basics of structural insulated panels (SIPs) and discover how Premier Building Systems' award-winning panels can..


Premier SIPS Receives Top Recognition with #1 Structural Brand Award

The Premier SIPS brand is the top Structural Brand in Green Builder Media's Sustainable Brand Awards 2023, and at the center..


One Step Ahead On The Path To Net Zero Building

Net Zero construction is simplified with offsite construction like SIPS and Canada's Step Code is targeting this energy..


Cut to the Chase: Electrical Chases in SIPs Simplify Electrical Work

Preparation is important for everything in life but is especially key when performing electrical work in structural..

SIPS Basics

How SIPs Help Cut Through Construction Scheduling Hassles

Learn how using SIPs can simplify construction scheduling and reduce project delays by accomplishing three vital building..


Watch: Jobsite Video #3 Floors & Foundations

Watch the 3rd video walking through key considerations for installing SIPs floors and prepping foundations and other floor..


Watch: Jobsite Video #2 Prep & Getting Started

Watch the 2nd video in our installation video series walking through recommendations for preparing your jobsite for a..

Design Professionals

Watch: Jobsite Video #1 See the Benefits of SIPS vs Sticks

Watch a jobsite overview about SIPS vs Sticks to kick off our installation video series walking through a Premier SIP Panel..


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As the oldest manufacturer in the SIPs industry, Premier’s SIP system is the proven prefabricated building envelope framing system for your next commercial or residential structure. Faster, stronger, and greener than outdated lumber framing methods, SIPs are the future of framing. Join the other thousands of structures built with SIPs, and contact the expert in your local region to get started.

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