Premier SIPs Offer Superior R-value

(Fife, WA) – Premier Building Systems, North America’s largest manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), offers a product that provides enhanced energy efficiency through its superior R-value.

As a highly efficient alternative to traditional stick-frame construction, Premier SIPs have consistently outperformed other methods of construction in whole-wall R-value comparisons, providing a whole-wall energy efficiency that is 51% higher than that of traditional two-by-six, R19 construction. R-value is the measurement of resistance to heat flow, and measures a product or assembly’s overall energy efficiency. R-value testing, as performed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), evaluates energy loss in corners, joints, insulation and areas around windows, as well as various structural components.

Manufactured with expanded polystyrene, an insulation that does not lose its R-value over time, Premier SIPs feature an R-value that remains stable throughout their service life, offering longterm energy savings. Because of their enhanced R-value, Premier SIPs help create a building envelope that is not only energy-efficient but also offers improved indoor air quality and temperature control, creating a clean, healthy environment, both inside and out.

With superior insulating properties, SIPs also provide homeowners with significant energy savings, minimizing heating and cooling costs by up to 60%. As an efficient, environmentally friendly product, SIPs can contribute toward LEED® credit requirements, with potential Platinum certification, and can also qualify homeowners for significant tax credits.

About Premier Building Systems

As a division of Insulfoam, Premier Building Systems continues to lead the construction industry in the research, development and manufacturing of high-performance, energy-efficient building materials. Headquartered in Fife, WA, Premier operates manufacturing facilities in Fife and Phoenix, AZ. For more information call 800.275.7086 or visit

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